Chuck Leaver is The CEO Of Ziften Today

August 12, 2015
Chuck Leaver is a businessman who has been able to work in numerous industries over the course of his career. He is proud of this because it has enabled him to learn how companies work in the way that every man should—by working throughout those companies. Indeed, Chuck Leaver has been able to work in positions ranging from entry-level to senior management and even Chief Executive Officer.

Chuck Leaver once took an entry-level job in the high tech industry at a company called DA/EE. This company was one which rewarded hard work and integrity, which meant that Chuck Leaver was a quick riser in the company. He would not only climb the ladder of leadership, but would eventually be named Chief Executive Officer for the company. He would later help to drive up DA/EE's public offering to the $750 million market cap.

Chuck Leaver is today the Chief Executive Officer of Ziften, a company that helps companies by creating high quality software solutions. He had previously served on the Board of Directors as Chairman, so he understood the unique challenges the company faced and how to push Ziften past them.
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